Goa carnival is celebrated every year during February and what a celebration it is! It feels like the whole of Goa has come together on the roads to dance and enjoy. There are fun processions, float parades, lively music and entertainment. Goa Carnival, also known as Mardi Gras of India,  is a festival that celebrates the culture and cuisine of Goa and dates back to the arrival of Portuguese in Goa way back in 1510.

Source : Goa Tourism

The carnival goes on for four days and nights, when the legendary King Momo takes over the state and who on the starting day orders his subjects to party. The streets blaze with music and color and attracts thousands of travellers from across the globe.

The carnival starts from Panjim and moves through Goa, through the streets of Vasco, Mapusa and Margaon. Following the carnival is a great way to explore the towns of Goa. And what’s more is that it’s an open festival so all you need to do is just manage your accommodation and rent a vehicle.

Kids are the star of the festival with school children participating in the parades in their colourful costumes, dancing to the merry tunes.

If you are planning to be part of this fun festival, make sure you book your tickets and hotels in advance to avoid the mad rush. Do expect heavy traffic on the roads during the procession days.

We had an amazing time at this one of it’s kind carnivals in India. Have you seen it?



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