Who are we and some random facts about us!

We are a traveling family and we love to write about our travels. It gives us a channel to share our research and experiences with like-minded travelers. When you travel with kids, it’s very different from how you travel solo or as a couple. You really need to do a lot of research about the place beforehand and yet there would be many challenges that you have to learn to manage on the go. MySoulTravels lists down those hurdles and prepares you to travel better with kids. We review destinations, activities, accommodations and tell you all about it. However, our trip guides are for all ages and groups and we are sure if you love traveling you will find something interesting to read on our website.

Pujarini (The Travel Blogger Mommy)


  • My name is complicated so most people call me Puja.
  • They say on an average, people have 3 different careers through their lives. I am on my third and last as a travel writer & blogger. In my past avatars, I have been an IT engineer, Human Resources & Marketing professional.
  • I love sleeping in late but while traveling I can’t sleep because of the excitement of exploring a new part of the world.
  • I am afraid of heights, but when I see a mountain I always run towards the top.

Vikrant (Chief Strategist and the one who takes care of the baby when mommy is working)


  • Belongs to the mountain but loves the ocean.
  • A banker by the day and a marketing specialist throughout.
  • Would have been a footballer in an alternate universe.

Aru (The boss baby)


  • Visited double the number of countries before he turned 3 years. First autorickshaw ride @ 1 month, First flight @ 1.5 months, First road trip @ 2 months, First train ride @ 5 months.
  • Loves hotels and believes in exploring every nook and corner for entertainment.
  • Can’t live without airplanes, taxis, auto rickshaws, airport buses, golf carts etc

So come, join us in our journey as we discover the world!


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