Italy is a really popular place for people from all around the world to visit, and it’s no surprise why. Incredible food and drink, many diverse and beautiful landscapes, art and culture and, of course, the glorious weather.


However, there are many different parts of Italy and where you should go depends on what it is you are looking for on your trip. Here is how to work out which Italian destination is right for you.

Exploring Italy with children

Obviously, this is an important one for us, as we love to travel as a family (even if it does mean a little extra preparation), and Italy is a fantastic place to visit with children. Choose somewhere like Sicily or Puglia if you want to spend some time on some of the beautiful beaches, enjoying walks and outdoor adventures.

Or perhaps your children will enjoy visiting the more urban cities, especially older ones, as you can go shopping, or explore local museums and sights. It’s much more interesting to learn about history and art through seeing it in real life than reading it in a book, after all!

Exploring Italy off the beaten path

Sardinia is the little Mediterranean island just to the south of Corsica. Although tourists know about the main area, if you stray away from the north-east corner and head into the interior hills of Sardinia, it’s an untouched land of rugged mountains and small villages, according to 1Cover. Go towards the coast and find some absolutely stunning beaches, which are usually pretty quiet. There is something pretty special about finding a hidden gem that tourists are yet to discover.


Exploring Italy for the history buffs

There is no better way to explore history than to stand on the ruins where real events took place, and if that is your thing, Rome is the perfect place for you! Of course, you have to start with the Colosseum, which is something amazing to behold, even if history wasn’t your favorite subject at school.

If the Gladiators really interest you, you can even take part in the Roman Gladiator School which allows you to dress up in the proper clothes and learn how to use the weapons!

The Pantheon is another attraction worth going to see, especially as it is free entry, as are The Spanish Steps designed in the 1720s.

Exploring Italy as a metropolitan heaven

If you’re all about chic cities, Naples, the capital of the Campania region in Southern Italy, is a great place to stay. The city of Naples offers a whole host of amazing artworks and historic sites as well as a treasure trove of shops, restaurants and bars. It is also the birthplace of a lot of the best Italian foods, including pizza and spaghetti, so if you are a foodie, Naples will be perfect!


Exploring Italy for the art lovers

Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance and is so full of exquisite architecture and art that it’s hard to know where to look! Florence is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway, thanks to its vibrant nightlife, restaurants and varied cultural activities, from the opera to the art galleries, plus a whole host of quirky shops and craft boutiques. You are going to want to bring your camera with you for a trip to Florence, as it is incredibly beautiful.

As you can see, Italy has something for everyone. To get the most out of your Italy exploration, think about what it is you want to experience and find the place that is the best for that. Have you been to Italy? Let me know in the comments if you have any top tips!


  1. Italy is a beautiful country, and one of the few that may offer something for everyone, historic sites, delicious food, beautiful towns, and fine wine. Pure bliss

  2. Italy is my favourite place to travel to! I have been there twice, and there is so much more to see. I have just booked to return there next year, so this was the perfect post to come across!

  3. OMG I want to visit Italy soon and experience its unique beauty, taste their local cuisine, and enjoy the Italian lifestyle.

  4. Italy has it’s own charm !!! Beautiful country !!! I have been wanting to visit italy and such posts motivates me all the time to plan a trip. I really want to visit Rome and especially Venice!!!

  5. If this does not motivate you to go to Italy then I don’t know what kind of travel standards you have. The place is just a haven for history, beauty and class.

  6. I love that you shared something for everyone. We all have different interests after all. It’s really nice to know where you can make the most out of your trip! Lovely guide!

  7. This is an interesting tour of Italy. I haven’t been to Italy but I have that in my bucket list. Your tips are helpful. I Will be looking forward to it 😊

  8. I’ve been wondering for a long time which city in Italy is good for children. And you just shared it! My husband and I had traveled to Italy without kids. But we are considering bringing kids there. So, crossfinger!

  9. Rome, Florence and Venice this fall if all goes right with planning! So excited and you’ve confirmed I’m going to the right cities for me!

  10. This is such an amazing post. It really makes the reader craving for the beautiful experience that the post talk about. The images are really beautiful.

  11. Being a traveler who loves Italy, I agree with your suggestions! I have been wanting to visit puglia and the other cities in the area. Hopefully will do it next year. Rome is home and I will always love it! I just came back from.sardinia 2 weeks ago! Amazing!

  12. Italy through your eyes looks incredible. It is such an amazing place indeed. I love all the advice you gave for different type of people that is such a helpful idea!


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