YESSSS!!! You heard it right… We did dare to road trip with baby when he was two month old and know what? It was amazing!

It all began with a conversation aboutΒ how life changes after kids and how we missed travelling. Both of us, have been avid couple travellers but were so intimidated by the thought of travelling with an infant. What if something goes wrong? Can we really manage a road trip with baby? What if we need help?

While these were big questions, our love for travel was even bigger. We listed down all our fears and all scenarios that could go wrong in our mind. We created a giant list of what we would need to tackle each situation. And that was when we started feeling hopeful that we might just make it.

Survival guide for your first road trip with baby

1Divide the whole trip into parts

If you are planning a long trip, split the trip into parts with limited driving time. Stop overnights and sleep in proper beds rather than driving through the night. Try looking for accommodation in places which are well frequented and have access to petrol pumps, basic shops and health clinics.

2Frequent Breaks

Ensure you plan to halt every now and then. Take your baby out for a quick view around and if possible lay down a mat and let them stretch and crawl around. Check for diaper changes and feed the baby. The exercise will also help you to refresh and stay alert.

3Feeding Times & Healthy snacks

Maintain the usual feeding schedule while travelling. If you are breastfeeding the baby, remember to carry car window shades and shawls to cover while you are feeding the baby in the car. If your baby has started on formula milk or solid foods, ensure you pack some healthy snacks that are familiar. To store milk, you can use a cooler or get shelf stable milk boxes. If you are planning to buy milk on the way, do your research to locate a reputable grocery shop or retail store.

4Sit with the baby

Our baby loves company and the best way to keep him occupied in his car seat was to talk to him and play with him. If you are driving solo with the baby, we suggest you carry some toys to keep the baby happy in the back seat. Else your partner can sit with the baby in the backseat and give company.

5New Toys

Remember to pack some new toys and books to keep the baby engrossed. You can buy colourful soft toys, rattles etc to interest the baby through the journey. Do not give everything all at once but keep giving toys one by one so that the baby stays engaged longer.

6Pack your car beforehand

This has been the most important tip for me as I always forget things at the last minute. Do create a checklist of things that you would need on the road trip and prepare and pack your car beforehand. While packing, divide your things into “easy to reach” and “car trunk” category. Remember for your first trip, there is nothing called over packing. If you feel something may help, just pack it.

So with all this in mind, we set out for our adventure next and lived to tell the story. Want to know how it went? Next blog coming up….

Do you have some amazing kid friendly road trip hacks? We would love to hear them.

Road trip with Baby


  1. You’re very organised about your trips! I don’t travel nor have a child but it seems like you need to have patience and strategies. I’ll keep these in mind when I travel with my child in the future!

  2. Great tips! I have no children or younger siblings but some my friends would definitely appreciate this blog! I”ll be sharing!

  3. Amazing! I’m so happy you were brave enough to embark on a road trip with a newborn baby! We did the same when our little one was 4 months old and followed similar practices to what you’ve described. This was a great experience for all of us πŸ™‚

  4. These are great tips! Thanks! I went on a road trip not long ago with my 5 month old (at the time) and two more toddlers. It wasn’t too bad, just a 10+ hour road trip. Healthy snacks were definitely essential and helped keep everyone content some of the time.

  5. My parents traveled with all four of us 10 hours to South Carolina at only a few months old. I really liked your tips and that you portrayed traveling as something that doesn’t have to be scary if you prepare. Babies don’t have to tie you to the house for months on end!

  6. Congratulations 😍 and thank you for sharing these amazing tips. But I personally wouldn’t dare to tavel with a baby. I would be scared if something goes wrong and I will be far from home.

  7. My son is a great traveler, so when my daughter came along we thought it would be the same. Boy, were we ever wrong! She hated the car, the carseat.. the whole idea of being confined for long periods of time. We frequently drive to see my parents who live about 4.5 hours away. We found out with her that little stops go a long way, such a good tip! We stop about every hour or so and get her out and talk with her and just let her move around. Then she’s a lot better during the rest of the drive.

  8. i really needed these tips! I travel alone with my son for work from Missouri to Colorado every other week. I have found out driving at night is a lot easier than the daytime!

  9. Congratulations on your first road trip with your baby! You guys are really prepared. πŸ™‚ I definitely agree to have an “easy to reach” category. Diapers, diaper wipes, pacifiers, sippy cups/ bottles, nursing cover- those things are in my “easy to reach” bag.

  10. You are so brave! We waited til our youngest boy was 3! Then came surprise … baby #4. She just turned 2 & we were going to wait another year. I might just try it out this summer instead. Thanks for sharing. Cute baby!!


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