Mark Twain said “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius” I am glad his words hold true even today! Mauritius to us turned out to be a country of many layers but our favourite by far are the dreamy beaches in Mauritius.

beaches in mauritius
Tropical Beaches in Mauritius

Belle Mare Beach

Located on the south-east coast of the island, this pristine beach is perfect if you are looking for some idle time. The beach is safe for swimming and you can snorkel directly off the beach. Water activities like underwater sea walk and water skiing can be booked with the operators here.

Early morning at Belle Mare Beach

Blue Bay Beach

One of the best lagoons for snorkeling and swimming, this beach is an absolute hit amongst the locals too. If you want to see the locals party on the beach with family, you should head to this beach on a weekend. With fun music and barbeque parties around, we found this one to be the perfect family beach amongst all the beaches in Mauritius.

Blue Bay Beach
Family picnics at Blue Bay Beach

Gris Gris Beach

A bit different to the usual beaches in Mauritius, this beach is known for strong waves crashing against the cliff and black rocks jutting out of the water. Closeby in Souillac is the “Roche Qui Pleure” meaning crying rocks as the impression given when the big waves crash against the cliff formation.

gris gris
The rocky cliff and beach of Gris Gris

Le Morne Beach

Another perfect postcard beach in Mauritius but with so much history. The island’s southern peninsula has a UNESCO world heritage site and is home to the “underwater waterfall” optical illusion. The beach overlooks the Le Morne Brabant mountain which is a significant landmark amongst the historical landmarks of Mauritius.

Le Morne Beach
Do you see the illusion which seems like enormous amount of falling water under the seabed?

Tamarin Beach

This beach is a local favorite and hangout for the youngsters. Also popular amongst surfers, the ambiance here is unique and hence a must visit to soak up the local culture. The beach is also the pickup point for the “swim with dolphins” boat tour.

tamarin beach
The freshwater river dividing the beach into two parts in Tamarin

Mont Choisy Beach

This is the longest public beach in Mauritius and is visited frequently by the locals. About half an hour from Port Louis, this beach is perfect to observe the changing colours of the ocean. Great place to try the local food from the food trucks.

Mont Choisy Beach
The serene public beach of Mont Choisy

Ile Aux Cerfs

The private island, Ile Aus Cerfs is just off the main island and can be visited as a day trip. Once on the island, you are free to roam about and find your perfect part of the island. You can also try out the many different water sports activities offered here.

Ile aux cerfs
Take a cataraman or a speedboat for the island hopping tour to Ile Aux Cerfs

Here are our top seven beaches in Mauritius for you to explore beyond the touristy beaches. We would love to hear which hidden beaches have you discovered in MyMauritius…

This article has been written in collaboration with Green Motion, Mauritius. We explored these beaches through a road trip with Green Motion, Mauritius.  For car rental or booking inquiries please click here

mauritius beaches
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  1. I would love to visit Mauritius as it has wonderful natural landscapes. You have given detailed information of all the stunning beaches. Your photographs tempt me to book my tickets now only.

  2. I think when in Mauritius you are spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches. Each of these beaches looks gorgeous and seem to vie with each other to grab your attention. Though all of them look great and seem to have their own individual character, somehow I like the look of the Blue Bay beach. It looks like a great place to head with family for some great times.

  3. Although all the beaches of Mauritius you listed here are definitely so beautiful. I liked Tamarin beach in particular. The interjecting water and sand here create a different kind of hue. I would cover these all when I go to Mauritius

  4. Thanks for this informative post. I really want to visit Mauritius but haven’t got any chance to visit.

  5. Mauritius is truly a heaven !!! The Le Morne Beach has amazing views !!! Would be exploring it one day !!! Great post !!!

  6. How can you just pick one?? They are all beautiful in different ways… Mauritius is a bucket-list item for me. Would love to go and experience all 7 of these for myself. I think Gris Gris and Le Morne will be the first ones 🙂

    • It was a trick question, wasn’t it! You should definitely visit all the beaches. I would recommend staying in the Southern side if you want to spend more time in Gris Gris and Le Morne.

  7. I heard of Mauritius two years ago when a sales rep of mine sold some product to an end user in Mauritius. I looked up Mauritius since I needed to ship there and had no idea where it was. I fell in LOVE with the photos. It’s been on my bucket list ever since

  8. Mark Twain was right to say so… All beaches are so beautiful but my fave here is the Le Morne Beach. I wish to explore some day the breathtaking beauty of the beaches in Mauritius.

  9. How do you chose? All of these sound so inviting and tempting. I am a true beach bum at heart although I love to explore and do adventures, I’ll take a beach any day/


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