Australia is a vast country with a varied landscape full of tropical reefs, sunny beaches and amazing wildlife. It can actually get a bit overwhelming planning a perfect trip to the Aussie Land with family and visiting places which touches different elements. But in my experience, Australia is a perfect destination to plan a trip with family even with young kids and here is how to experience the best of Australia.

Choosing the right flight

When you are travelling over long distances with kids, it’s best to choose a flight which can help you manage layovers and accommodate jet lag better. Most flights from US and UK have a stopover at either Middle East or in Asia and Dubai or Malaysia can be a good option for a layover. We found a hidden gem on our layover in Malaysia called Melaka, an old port city known as the heritage capital of Malaysia. Incase you are planning to fly long hours without a stop, you should definitely keep the first two days of your trip lighter so that you give some time to the kids to recover from jet lag. Here are some tips on how to manage jet lag fatigue in kids.                         

Top Kid-Friendly Places to visit in Australia

Sydney is the best place to begin your Australian adventure. Australia’s largest city, it is famous for it’s metropolitan life and photogenic waterways sprawling with many attractions that are a hit with young minds. Visiting the Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, ferries to close by beaches and neighbourhoods and walking tours are just a few ways to enjoy this glamorous city. The Royal Botanical Gardens and Taronga Zoo are a must day trip to keep the young ones entertained and engaged. And the best way to end the day would be a sunset cruise on the harbour followed by drinks and dinner with a beachside setting in a multicuisine café in the harbour.

On the other hand, Melbourne, the melting pot of culture, art and cuisines, offers a more relaxed atmosphere and a shopping experience like none other. You can enjoy the marvellous views of the city on a sunrise balloon ride and dine at the European style bars and street side cafés. The Melbourne Museum is a favourite amongst history lovers and you could enjoy a cute little penguin parade at St Kilda or Phillip Island.

A two-hour drive from Sydney is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Blue Mountains. The rugged mountainous region is a popular destination for rock climbers and hikers. Also, a perfect place for families due to its scenic skyway and railway, you must visit it to get up close and personal with Kangaroos, Koalas, Wallabies and Wombats, always a hit with the kids! Here is a guide on how to explore more of this National park and the surrounding valley.

No holiday in Australia is complete without visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef that’s made up of 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands. Cairns, a short flight from Sydney is the gateway to this fascinating natural wonder and the Daintree Rainforest. There are many day trips from Cairns that help you explore the reef through snorkelling and scuba diving.

You could also head out on a road trip through the very scenic coastal road from Cairns to Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation. Road trips with young kids are easier when you are prepared well. With the luxury of time and easy stopovers it a great way to enjoy the natural beauty and offbeat charm a new country has to offer. Here are some tips on how to plan a road trip with kids.

How to get around

With large distances to cover, many travellers prefer airlines to save on time and effort. However, flights are mostly expensive unless you book them way ahead of time or under some promotional sale. Another way to travel the countryside is to take trains and enjoy the scenic route. A popular way to travel is taking public buses or renting cars which comes out to be much more budget friendly.

Kid-Friendly Accommodation

To enjoy the best of Australia with family, look for accommodations that are kid-friendly. Australia offers a range of family-friendly stays including family hotels and apartments. Many hotels in Australia may not have breakfast included and its best to inquire beforehand. We always prefer rooms with a nearby park and local supermarket around so that our toddler doesn’t feel too restricted.

We used KAYAK to check out hotels while planning our trip to Australia and would totally recommend it. I love the data points and trends that the website provides, regarding room availability and pricing. You could also compare the prices with other hotel booking platforms and this makes travel planning much easier.



  1. I bet it’s a glorious place to visit, once I even considered moving there, but then I read up about all the insects and massive spiders and it discouraged me, haha! But no doubt I will travel there some day. 🙂

  2. I love all your photos! Captivating! I have friends in Australia and hopefully one of these days I can visit. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Australia is an amazing country with so much on offer for a tourist… beautiful articles with so much details and lovely pics will certainly help the travellers…
    Thank you

  4. Australia is always a dream destination and it is good that you have shared all the useful information about Australia. As I have visited Sydney & Melbourne, now I will plan for the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru rock formation.

  5. Australia is beautiful, so many Unesco heritages that should be visited, and I am a sucker for a nice scenic train route, the best way to enjoy the destination and to save up some money, great review and tips.

  6. Kayak! yes! great company:)
    But no to Australia from me:))) On pictures is’t beauty, but i would be afraid even just to step out from the plain:))) I know i’m silly:))

  7. What a detailed, helpful post about planning a great trip to Australia. I have always wanted to visit Australia. Hopefully, I will soon and I’ll bookmark your article in the meantime.

  8. I had the honor of living in Sydney for 2 years. So many amazing cities and wilderness to explore for all types of travelers!

  9. I’m glad to know that there are ways to help kids travel far distances and have a good time. I think that has held us back from going too far.

  10. I and my family is dreaming of going to Australia for a family vacation. This is definitely a great help for us and gives us a very good idea of what is there to offer. Thank you for sharing this to us.


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