How many times have you seen those movies with submarines and wondered if you could be inside a submarine? Me too, all the time. And so, I was very excited when we were invited by Blue Safari, Mauritius to experience their submarine and subscooter dive. Blue Safari submarine is also unique in allowing kids as young as two years to come aboard and hence is amongst the perfect family experiences in Mauritius.

Blue Safari Submarine
The rich marine life as seen from the submarine                                                     Source: Blue Safari, Mauritius

Blue Safari was founded by two experienced sailors and world travelers with the passion of sea, in 1998 and it began with a single submarine. Over the years, they have added a second submarine and many subscooters to their fleet, delivering wonderful diving experiences to more than 3,00,000 customers.

Blue Safari Submarine Dive

blue safari submarine
Walking on the jetty towards the speedboat

Blue Safari Submarine’s boarding point is located in Trou aux Biches, North Mauritius. On reaching the reception, we were greeted by our hostess who explained to us about our dive, safety regulations and what to expect next in the next two hours. Once our group was ready, we walked across the jetty and took our shuttle boat to reach the diving platform in the middle of the ocean. The speedboat ride from the beach towards the ship is a scenic one with panoramic views of Mont Choisy beach which is one of the top beaches in Mauritius that you must visit.

Mont Choisy beach
Speeding away from Mont Choisy Beach

On boarding the ship, we were introduced to the captain and pilot of our submarine. The captain was a friendly guy who explained some technical details about the submarine and what we should be expecting while diving. Our submarine was to dive 35m under the sea level, giving us a distinct experience of the underwater marine life as seen as during scuba diving.

Our captain briefing us on how to enter the submarine

The captain next introduced us to our pilot and after a short photo session on top of the submarine, we entered the vessel. As I climbed down into the submarine through a ladder from the top, it was difficult not to admire this state-of-art machine. Taking our seats along the window, it felt as if we were in a small airplane but under water.

Inside the 10 seater submarine

Our pilot came in next and gave us a brief about the working of the ballast system and the marine life we would be seeing. Once we started the dive, I was expecting some ear pressure but was pleasantly surprised that none of us felt us any discomfort.

As we started going deeper, we saw a lot of corals and fishes. The colorful fishes gave an impression of a very busy aquarium and all the kids in the submarine were super excited. We were lucky to see some turtles, crabs and a lionfish.

Can you spot the baby lionfish?

Star Hope Shipwreck

The highlight of the Blue safari submarine dive for me was the shipwreck site. The ship called as Star Hope was caught in a storm and sunk in 1988. The beauty of the site is in the fascinating way the ocean is making the sunken ship a part of its world.

star hope shipwreck
Approaching the shipwreck site

You can see the seaweeds and corals growing out of the ship claiming it gradually as their own. The ship may not even look as a distinct structure in a couple of decades.

star hope shipwreck
Viewing Star Hope shipwreck up-close

Once our dive was over, our submarine started rising up and docked back with the mothership. On the deck, we were offered soft drinks and given our diving completion certificates. And with cherished memories, we boarded our speedboat to ride back to the shore.

An old anchor from an eighteenth-century ship

The best thing about the submarine dive is that you get an experience similar to scuba diving without getting wet. It is a great way to introduce the depths of the ocean to kids who otherwise cannot snorkel or dive to see this for themselves.

A Sea turtle resting on top of some corals

Blue Safari Subscooter Dive

A very unique experience, the subscooter dive is a perfect way for two people to share a diving experience. The driver of the subscooter can steer it while accelerating through ten feet deep underwater with the second person sitting behind. Both breathe naturally through the shared dome making it possible to talk while witnessing the wonders of the marine world.

Blue Safari’s flagship subscooter dive                                                                                      Source: Blue Safari

I also had the good fortune to meet Luc, Co-Founder of Blue Safari and the inventor of the subscooter. It was fascinating to talk to him about his passion for sailing and love for traveling. Luc mentioned that Blue Safari is one of the only twelve leisure submarine dives in the world and the only one available in the Indian Ocean. Wow! How’s that for a truly rare experience!

blue safari subscooter
Getting ready for my subscooter dive

I was guided by my hostess to the diving platform in the middle of the ocean in a speedboat. My subscooter dive was scheduled in the evening and the clouds at the horizon made a beautiful view. Once on board, we changed in our wetsuits provided by Blue Safari and were given a quick training session. We were told about how the subscooter dome will be kept supplied with oxygen, safety instructions and hand-signals incase of danger. For assurance, there is a professional diver assigned to each subscooter to guide and help incase of any issues underwater.

Once the dome was descended over my head the subscooter was in the water, I tried the controls. The pedals and steering wheel needs more force under water and it takes a while to get used to them. I took about 10 minutes figuring out the controls before I could properly follow my diver and steer the subscooter towards the reef.

Surrounded by fishes

While I was fiddling with the wheel, suddenly I looked up and saw a school of pintano fishes and I forgot everything else. Being so close to the fishes and the ability to chase them is a different feeling.

Source: Blue Safari

We were underwater for about 40 minutes during which we saw many colorful fishes, some beautiful corals and a stingray. The experience of driving the subscooter underwater was one of it’s kind and time passed by very quickly. As we were being brought out of water, I saw a baby turtle swimming close by and bid the sea goodbye with that last highlight.

Source: Blue Safari

By the time we were done with the dive and refreshments on board, it was evening. Our boat ride back was magical with silhouettes of the ships and the boats against the setting sun.

An amazing day spent with Blue Safari and a perfect sunset to bid adieu

Travel Tips

  • Here is the official website for Blue Safari for bookings and enquiries. Prebooking is recommended and you can find the latest rates for the submarine dive and subscooter dive here.
  • The Blue Safari submarine dive is quite safe for kids and kids are provided life jackets.
  • Do carry some munchies or lollipops incase of earpain during pressure change in the submarine.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and flat shoes for the dive as you would need to board the submarine with a wet exterior platform.
  • If you suffer from claustrophobia, you may want to reconsider the submarine dive.
  • Please call Blue Safari before your dive to check on weather forecast and diving conditions. This is a very helpful FAQ page on their website.
  • They can also customise trips for an exclusive underwater lunch or organise under water wedding ceremonies.

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This article has been written in collaboration with Blue Safari, Mauritius. 


  1. I came across one of such rides in Andamans but did not opt for it due to bad reviews. This Mauritian submarine looks wonderful and I am sure it must have been a completely different experience. It’s in my bucket list to dive at a shipwreck site. You have got some wonderful photographs of the dive. The sub-scooter dive on the other hand is such a romantically adventurous experience. thanks for sharing. Will definitely try it out while in Mauritius.

  2. Diving deep down into the water through submarine, wow never knew it was doable until I read this. I am sure this would have been quite an experience.

  3. This sounds like a thrilling experience. Have read so many books about Submarines and battleships, it is a childhood fantasy to get on to one. Nice to see that even kids can get on board one here. The shipwreck looks really fascinating. The Subscooter sounds really exciting and another great way to see the wonderful undersea world.

  4. This is very interesting to hear about a submarine dive and a scooter dive. Did you not have any breathing equipment inside the the submarine? I saw that you mentioned you had a cylinder for the scooter.

  5. What a great idea especially for the young kids that cannot snorkel yet. The fish are so colorful and beautiful. We’ve done one before and loved it,

  6. Wow, a submarine dive inside the deep blue waters will be amazing. And it looks so too. I had never heard of a sub-scooter before, but it looks incredible as well. I would definitely like to try a sub-scooter ride. It was great that you met Luc, it must have been great to talk to him.

  7. This is really cool. I am not much of a swimmer or a diver. But I do want to experience the underwater world at some point of time. I guess the submarine experience is really the one which can help me achieve this. Definitely going to do it when I visit Mauritius.

  8. This looks amazing, though I don’t think I would have the guts to get into one of those due to the depth of water. I know a load of people who would though!

  9. Oh wow 😲 this looks so amazing. I have done snorkelling in Maldives. Now blue safari is next on the list. Loved all your photos as well and the details in your blog.

  10. This looks so freaking cool! I would love to go there with my family, but I’m a bit claustrophobic but I would do it anyway 😀

    I loved all of the photos!

  11. The thought of deep water gives me chills but it looks like going on a submarine is definitely a worthwhile trip, there looks like a lot to explore and see and it looks gorgeous too!

  12. I have a friend named Mauritius and it’s funny because I’ve never asked where he got his name and I’m a fan of deep sea diving, activities and such. Blue Safari looks like a definite reason for me to enjoy a vacation with said friend!

  13. Wow! This is pretty incredible. Especially when a child as young as two can participate. This is something that my son would love to do. It freaks me out a bit but I’ve always wondered what it was like on a submarine.

  14. I love the slight backstory/ history that came with this presentation. Your experience was well understood, however I don’t think going on a submarine cruise is something I will like to day any time soon.🤔

  15. What an interesting and exciting experience!! I had always wanted to try scuba diving but never have the guts to actually try it. Now that it is possible to experience diving in the comfort of a submarine, I might just want to give it a go! Thanks for sharing! Your photos are really beautiful! 🙂

  16. It looks like you had a great time. I could totally do the underwater scooter thing, but there is no way you could even pay me to get inside a submarine. lol

  17. This sounds like an amazing trip and the pictures are beautiful! I don’t know if I could go in a submarine but I’d like to try one day

  18. OK I’m liking the submarine experience, I’ve seen similar elsewhere, it looks fun but I’m mostly WOWED by the subscooter dive, what a great way to see the marine life and move around at good pace, without scuba diving!!

  19. What a cool experience! I would definitely be up for this! So far I have only snorkeled but I am thinking to try diving sometimes soon. But for people who can’t dive, this submarine option is probably the best!

  20. Submarines kind of freak me out! I get claustrophobic just thinking about going underwater in an enclosed capsule. Honestly even snorkeling makes me hyperventilate! It does look like it would be an amazing experience though, and I have never even heard of those sub scooters! How cool!

    • Oh! I know a lot of people have the feeling of claustrophobia underwater. While these underwater experiences are great, for you, I would suggest boats with glass bottoms if you want to explore the ocean world. Thanks for your kind words.

  21. This looks like a cool adventure! I’ve been scuba diving but it would be fun to try this some day. Life and the eco-systems under the ocean is so amazing, we just often can’t see it.


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